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Visual Content Has Never Been More Important

Your website needs images to reinforce your content. High-quality photos can mean the difference between a high converting site or one that doesn't convert visitors into engaged users.

Content doesn't get read if it's not appealing. Users scan your pages to see if your information is relevant to them. They see pictures first. That's why it matters. What can you do to help them get engaged? You have some options.

  1. Your content has to be authoritative. It needs to offer answers to your visitor's questions.
  2. To emphasize your content, taking original photos for your website is the best and safest option. This way, there are zero copyright problems.
  3. You can buy pictures with all the rights you need to publish them legally. This option can be an excellent, although expensive, solution. Costs can add up fast.
  4. You can use The Creative Commons Media Guide to find awesome and free photos to use on your website

The reason Rock Solid Info started The Creative Commons Media Guide back in 2016 is to help out if

  • You're a newbie to making websites
  • Your budget is limited
  • You've got better things to spend money on

Using free stock photos or pictures from the public domain might be the way you have to go. The guide helps reduce the time it takes to search the internet for websites that offer free images.

The guide currently curates around 300 websites offering free stock photos. We visit each site at least once per year to vet them so you can trust using the websites.

We note insecure sites and dangerous sites are never listed. We grade every website so you can see at a glance what we think of their offering. Each entry has a representative image posted to give you an idea of the quality of the photos.

Tap or click the button below for access to the guide. Next year we'll be adding many more visual resources like video, fonts, vectors, audio, and more are coming to the guide. Stay tuned... Exciting things are on the horizon.